Scope of this article is  to describe how to import List Type field by using Excel or CSV file.

Release or Environment

Madrid and later


Step 1:

Remove the "glide_list"  item from the System Property glide.import_template.field_types_to_ignore.


Step 2:

Check the sys_dictionary field  of the List Type field and make sure that it is properly defined, including the reference Tab and etc.


Step 3:

The format in the import template is different for Excel and CSV file.


Excel template file

Create the Excel import template file , for the List Type field, comma separated the fields.


CSV template file

Create the CSV import template file, for the List Type field,  Enclose the fields with double quote and also comma separated the fields.


Step 4:

Run Load data and create transform  map for the import sets, and follow by run transform


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