• User is not able to use enter button in the catalog item while filling a multi-line text and cursor is stuck at the end of last alphabet of the word. However, If user keep typing the words all the way to end of the line, it goes to the next line by default.

Release or Environment

  • New York Patch 5.


  • Caching issue, it works on one node and doesn't work on other nodes.


  • Disable and enable respective catalog client scripts of that catalog item and clear the cache, that will solve the problem. 
  • Monitor for a day or 2 days, if it happens again, then, there's a PRB1380844 in place. 
  • The change in the event listener of UI Script "GwtDateTimePickerFix" from 'keypress' to 'keyup', will resolve it.

Additional Information

  • NOTE: Please apply this workaround fix, if it's related to caching and catalog client scripts issue. Always, test this on sub-prod environment and if you're happy with fix, then you may apply on prod.

Article Information

Last Updated:2020-04-24 10:03:09