The history calendar shows you the days where the record was changed, who made the change, and when, but the calendar view does not honor the updated time.

Refer the screenshot below:

History Calendar

The History Calendar is sorted by update number. Each user is assigned a color so you can tell at a glance how many times a record was changed by a specific user.

However this is the expected behaviour, refer below documentation for more details.

History Calendar

History Sets in a Calendar View

Once History Sets are active, the context menu choice History will populate using information from the History Set, rather than from the sys_audit table.

From the user's perspective, the same historical data is available in the same user interface, but the way the information is stored is different.

The History view includes a calendar view, but does not use the normal list interface to filter and interact with the history records.

This allows:

  • Searching and filtering historic data.
  • Exporting historical data.

History sets

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