• The Compliance KPI shows errors with the description "CI Accountable on this Configuration Item is NOT active, please update". Below is the screenshot of the error.


  • This is expected behavior and is totally based on the Certification Filters present in the system for the compliance Job
  • If the Certification Filter criteria fail then a task is created for the failed health result and the same is displayed under the dashboard.  The short description displayed on the dashboard is the Short description of the task.


  • This is a data issue. In order to fix the issue, the records displayed in the health results need to be corrected as per the certification criteria.
  • Once the Certification Criteria passes, then these entries will disappear from the dashboard. Below is an example of a Certification Filter.

  • If we consider the above example then all the records on the selected table must have the "AD Active" field set to True then only it will get certified else it will show the error displayed in the problem statement.

    NOTE: This is just an example to explain the behavior. 

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Last Updated:2020-04-16 05:20:35