Unable to discover VCenter.
Sample Vcenter IP -

Errors Observed:

  1. VMWarevCenterDatacentersProbe I/P Payload contains the below error.

    <results error="No credential would validate for" probe_time="24677" result_code="900000">

    <result error="No credential would validate for">


  2. Test Credential against the Vcenter IP address is failed.

Release or Environment

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  1. The credentials used for discovery do not meet the below requirements.
              a. The VMware credentials do not have the read-only role in vCenter.
              b. The Username for the Vmware credentials is not entered in the desired format i.e username@domain or domain\username.
    2. SDK API is not installed on the Vcenter.


  1. Ensure the SDK API is installed on the Vcenter.
  2. By default, the VMWare - vCenter Datacenters probe runs on port 443 and the port probes for vCenter run on these ports vmapp6_https: 9443 and vmapp_https: 5480. Ensure these ports are open and Shazzam I/P is similar as below.

    <results active="1" alive="1" full_range="<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><discovery_ranges><meta_coll><ip_list><ip></ip></ip_list></meta_coll></discovery_ranges>" probe_time="5539" range="<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><discovery_ranges><meta_coll><ip_list><ip></ip></ip_list></meta_coll></discovery_ranges>" result_code="0" total="1">

    <result active="true" alive="true" ip_address="">

    <scanner name="HTTPS" port="5986" portprobe="winrm_ssl" protocol="tcp" result="timed_out" service="winrm_ssl"/>

    <scanner name="BannerTCP" port="22" portprobe="ssh" protocol="tcp" result="open" service="ssh">

    <banner_text>SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_7.4 </banner_text>





    <scanner name="BannerTCP" port="5480" portprobe="vmapp" protocol="tcp" result="open" service="vmapp_https"/>

    <scanner name="BannerTCP" port="9443" portprobe="vmapp" protocol="tcp" result="open" service="vmapp6_https"/>

    <scanner name="SLP" port="427" portprobe="slp" protocol="udp" result="timed_out" service="slp"/>

    <scanner name="NBT" port="137" portprobe="wins" protocol="udp" result="unresolved" service="ms-nb-ns"/>

    <scanner name="DNS" port="53" portprobe="dns" protocol="udp" result="resolved" service="dns">



    <scanner name="HTTP" port="80" portprobe="http" protocol="tcp" result="open" service="http">


    <scanner name="HTTP" port="443" portprobe="http" protocol="tcp" result="open" service="https"/>

  3. Validate you are able to login to the Vcenter web client from the mid server host with the Vmware credentials used for discovery.
  4. If the authentication fails with the correct credentials, enter the username as user@domain instead of domain\user, update the same format in the discovery credentials table on the instance.
  5. Once the above configurations are in place, re-discover the Vcenter, it should be discovered successfully.

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