Users assigned to computers. There are Software that are installed on the computers. SCCM brings in the SW into "cmdb_sam_sw_install" table but some SW are missing for a few users.

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  • The imported Installed Software records is imported through "SCCM 2016 Software" data source. Each will have a "ResourceID" which is mapped to the Imported Computer's ResourceID. The computers are imported in "SCCM 2016 Computer Identity" data source.
  • Users assigned to a Computer will be the user the Installed Software is installed for.
  • SCCM brings in Incremental Installed Software data from "v_GS_Add_Remove_Programs" and "v_GS_Add_Remove_Programs_64" table, ie, data that has been added since last run. If there was a run happened in the past and for some reason Installed Software are not brought in, they won't be brought in in subsequent runs because "last run" has been updated to be newer than the time the Software was installed.


  • Clear "Last run datetime" field on the "SCCM 2016 Software" data source so that the import job brings in all Installed Software information. This should help correct all of the missing Installed Software information.
  • If there are still missing Installed Software for a user:
    • Obtain the ResourceID for the computer the user is assigned to.
    • Check the staging table "imp_sccm2016_software" for "SCCM 2016 Software" data source for imported records with the same Resource ID.
    • If the problematic Installed Software is not present in the staging table, they are might be missing from SCCM tables, in which case, SCCM Admin can run the same query executed from the data source against SCCM database to verify.


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