• Update Reference qualifier or filter for groups field in the new On-Call Schedule Wizard (New York)
  • How to filter the groups in the new wizard in NY release
  • UI page $oc_creation_wizard.do is not editable, so I can not filter the groups

This KB will point you in the right direction on where you would need to make your customizations.

Release or Environment

New York and above


  • You will not have access to edit the page, as it's backend code
  • However, I was able to view the code and see what it's doing
  • if you're Rota Admin, you will get all active groups
  • else you'll get, directly managed groups, managed groups through delegation, or managed groups through preferences
  • Which can be customized via the script include OnCallCreationWizardUtilsSNC, method: _filterGroupsByAccess
  • The calls being made are also using another script include: OnCallSecurityNG
  • See below, code from OnCallCreationWizardUtilsSNC:
    getAccessDetails: function() {
var details = {};
details.isRotaAdmin = new OnCallSecurityNG().rotaAdminAccess();
if (!details.isRotaAdmin) {
var userSysId = gs.getUserID();
details.groupIds = this._filterGroupsByAccess(userSysId);
return details;

_filterGroupsByAccess: function(userSysId) {
var ocsNg = new OnCallSecurityNG();
var filteredGroups = {};

// directly managed groups
var userGroupGr = ocsNg.getManagedGroups(userSysId, true);
while (userGroupGr.next())
filteredGroups[userGroupGr.sys_id + ""] = true;

// managed groups through delegation
var userHasRoleGr = ocsNg.getDelegatedGroups(userSysId);
while (userHasRoleGr.next())
filteredGroups[userHasRoleGr.granted_by + ""] = true;

// managed groups through preferences
var groupIds = ocsNg.getManagedGroupsByPreferences(userSysId);
groupIds.forEach(function(groupId) {
filteredGroups[groupId] = true;

return this._getKeys(filteredGroups);

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