When browser zoom at 150% is used and browser window size drops below a certain size, Resources in Resource Finder which would be shown by a scrollbar, are cut off.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Navigate to Allocation Workbench
2. Create an Allocation Board that gives enough data to display Resource Finder of 8+ users
3. Open Resource Finder
4. Search by anything that displays a good handful of Users (we only see the issue happening when a scroll bar must be present)
5. View the list of Resources at 100-110% zoom (ALL IS OK and the bottom-most resource is viewable)
6. Update zoom to 150%
7. At this point, the issue is ALWAYS reproducible once the browser window is small enough (1709px width in all tested cases was noted)
*NOTE: If the zoom was 100-125% even, no matter how small the browser window and how small the Resource Finder pane, the last resource was viewable


PRB1374533: Resource Finder hides query results when the browser zoom is 150% and the screen resolution drops below 1710 px

This PRB is Fixed inĀ Orlando


The only available workaround is to update your browser zoom to 100% or less

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Last Updated:2020-03-19 14:05:54