When viewing a request item the variable editor only displays three records of a multi-row variable set, but when user "Inspects the HTML element " all the lines are presented correctly 

Release or Environment

New York Patch 4 Hot Fix 1


List v3 is active


As a workaround, follow below steps and review the associated PRB1358355 for more details.

  1. Disable List v3
  2. System Properties > List v3
  3. Type cache.do into the Filter Navigator and click ENTER
    4. Log out/Log back in

We are discontinuing support for List v3 while our team continues to work on building a better and more robust solution for ServiceNow Lists. As such, the List v3 Plugin was not available starting in the London Release due to a number of factors. First and foremost, the frustration our customers have experienced with the product.

For now, to resolve any unacceptable issues with List v3, we strongly urge using list v2 until such time we can release the new product since we feel it is superior, and a workable solution for most situations.

During this time, we will only address critical outages and security-related defects with list v3, so that our development resources can continue moving forward with our new list component that is found in Agent Workspace.

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Last Updated:2020-03-25 02:49:30