Mobile Branding allows customers to create a custom Mobile application using their corporate brand, and supported MAM (Mobile Application Management) vendors, on any of Servicenow's Native Mobile apps (Agent, Now Mobile, Onboarding)

Frequently Asked Questions  

How does Mobile Branding actually work? The Mobile Branding plugin is used to create, submit, and approve Custom Branded versions of our General Availability apps (Agent, Now Mobile, or Onboarding). Once you approve your branded app version, you make that version available to your employees for use with any instance that supports Native Mobile logins. (Orlando, New York, Madrid). To see a short Mobile Branding video (link here).

Is Mobile Branding a paid plugin? Mobile Branding is a paid plugin that requires a separate license. Please contact your account representative for details.

Can I use Mobile Branded apps with my sub-prod instance? Yes, Mobile Branded apps work just like our GA (General Availability) apps. They can log into any Madrid or greater instance.

Do I have to be on Orlando to use Mobile Branding? You need a production instance on Orlando to use the Mobile Branding plugin. 

How can I use Mobile Branding if I'm on pre-Orlando? Upgrade a pre-production instance to Orlando and contact the Mobile Publishing team to approve the instance. Then install the Mobile Branding plugin, and create, submit, and approve your Mobile Branded apps from there. Then use the new branded mobile app with your Madrid or later production instance.

Is there a way to test Mobile Branding? The Mobile Branding build automation pipeline only creates real Mobile apps unique to your organization so there is no testing of the Mobile Branding product per se. Licensing is required for any use. Licensed customers do have the ability to review, test and update apps prior to ultimately approving their production Branded apps. To test how the Servicenow native mobile apps work, please use one of our apps available to all our customers in the app stores.

Will my mobile workflows work with Mobile Branded apps? Yes, any mobile workflow you built and used on one of our GA Apps, will work on the Branded version of that app.

Does ServiceNow provide updates to the apps when new versions of iOS and Android are released?  Yes,  ServiceNow will notify Mobile Branding customers when a new GA version of ServiceNow apps are available, including compatibility updates for mobile operating systems, bug fixes, and/or new ServiceNow releases. 

Can I update the marketing campaigns / splash screens after I publish the custom branded app?  Yes, customers can request updated builds of their apps with each commercial update (generally monthly).  ServiceNow notifies customers whenever a new commercial GA version is available, and customers can request their build with updated assets at that time.

Does ServiceNow manage the approval process with Apple?  Yes.  ServiceNow is the signor on the application and manages the submission and approval process for any custom branded build requested by customers.

Will my Push notifications work with Mobile Branded apps? Yes, however you will need to install an updated Push notification certificate that comes with your Branded Mobile app. Please see our documentation for details (link here)

Is the Apple HTTP/2 Push notification protocol supported? Yes, Orlando Patch 5, New York Patch 10, and Paris and later versions will support the Apple HTTP/2 push protocol. Apple is deprecating support for older push protocols in November 2020 (Apple announcement link), and Mobile Branding customers will need to be on one of the supported versions identified, for Apple Push notifications to continue working.

Can I update the color theme in my Mobile Branded apps? Yes, please refer to the Mobile Theme documentation in our release notes for the details (link here)

How do I deploy my Mobile Branded apps to my employees? Please see this document for details (link here)

Where can I find more details about Mobile Branding? Release documentation (link here), and the Mobile Community (link here) are great places.

Can I bundle in MAM or VPN SDK's other than Intune and Blackberry Dynamics?  MAM SDK embedding options are currently limited to Intune and Blackberry.  We are planning to add more MAM and security options based on customer demand.  Please submit any enhancement requests in the Idea Portal (link here) on the Servicenow Community site.

How often can I request new Branded builds of apps? New Branded builds can be requested once per release per GA app. The GA apps are typically updated on a monthly basis.

Can I deploy Mobile Branded apps through (EMM) Enterprise Mobility Management? Yes, please reference our release documentation (link here) for more details

What is my Firebase Token? Your Google Firebase Token provides a unique identifier for your Mobile Branded apps  to authenticate and authorize Push notifications to your Google apps. For more information on Firebase Token, please see the Google site (link here). NOTE: A unique Firebase token is required for each unique Mobile Branded app.

What is my Apple DEP ID? Your DEP (Device Enrollment Program) Customer ID is assigned when you enroll in Apple's Device Enrollment Program. Your DEP ID is required when creating a Mobile Branded request to uniquely identify your Branded apps. For more information on DEP ID, please see the Apple site (link here).

What is Apple Business Manager? (ABM) Apple Business Manager is a simple, web-based portal where Servicenow will deliver your Approved Branded iOS apps. ABM is where you will distribute your iOS apps to your employees and when used with your mobile device management (MDM) solution, you can configure device settings and distribute those apps. For more information on ABM, please see the Apple site (link here).

Is it difficult to create the images required for the Mobile Branding request? It is not difficult for anyone with experience creating corporate images or logos. The images are very specific due to Apple and Google requirements so the documented requirements must be followed. Click here to download a set of example images that can be used as a reference when creating your corporate images. 

Does Mobile Branding support Domain Separation? Mobile Branding does not support domain separation. Currently, mobile branding is supported at the instance level and not at the domain level. However, we do plan to support it in the future.

Are there other areas of ServiceNow I should set themes on for the best user experience? Yes, VA color branding (link here) can be applied in Orlando and Portal branding (link here) can be done in New York and later instances.

Is there guidance to minimize Apple rejections? Choose a unique app name, provide description that accurately describe your app. Don't use popular or generic app names, trademark terms and images that might violate copyright laws. Description should not include inappropriate content, reference other apps, or make unverifiable product claims.

What is the difference between mobile branding and mobile theming? Mobile branding allows you to create branded mobile applications by configuring each of your mobile apps with a unique name, splash screen, icon, and security vendor so that your customers and employees can recognize your unique company identity. Mobile theme allows you to change the color scheme within the mobile apps. Mobile theme can be applied to both GA and custom branded apps.

What's the difference between (MDM) Mobile Device Management, and (MAM) Mobile Application Management? MDM is about control of devices like smartphones and tablets, whereas MAM is focused on managing applications and their security policy and related data.

As a Servicenow Partner, can I build Custom Mobile apps for my customers? The initial release of Mobile Branding is focused on individual customers creating Mobile Branded apps for their internal use. The capability to build multiple customers custom apps from a single Mobile Branding installation is under consideration.


As an educational institution, can I distribute the branded app to students? For Android, this is possible since we are giving you the apk file. For iOS, the app will appear on your Apple Education Manager account, however, the student's device must be managed by an MDM in order to distribute the branded app. If the student does not want their personal device registered, then we don't recommend branding your app.


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