How to revert the customized file to base version or OOB version

Release or Environment



  • Log in to the instance and navigate to the sys_update_version table
  • Search the file name which you wanted to revert and you can see multiple records in which one file is selected as current. Current means the customized file which is active.
  • Sort the files by the latest created and look for the system file (OOB file) to which you would like to revert
  • Open that system file and there will be a link to Compare to Current
  • Click on the Compare to Current link and then you can see the differences between current version record (your customized record) and the selected file (OOB file).
  • If you are fine with changes to revert, you can click on Revert to this Version so that the changes will be reverted to OOB file

Additional Information

You can go through documentation to find out how to Revert a change


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Last Updated:2020-03-18 04:31:57