When a customer tries to submit the Create Case record producer, it is stuck in Submitting and does not proceed further, even though the user has snc_customerservice.customer

  Steps to reproduce:

  • Create an user with snc_customerservice.customer role and snc_external role
  • Navigate to csm portal
  • Try to place the case request using "Create Case" icon that redirects to the OOTB record producer that creates a record on sn_customerservice_case table
  • Once the user submits, the form just says "Submitting" but does not redirect to "ticket" page

Release or Environment

Any environment


403 Forbidden error as the External users are not authorized to access the Scripted REST API


> During Investigation, it is found that there is a Forbidden error and you should see something similar in the node logs,

 03-12 04:58:22 (105) Default-thread-2 63D76BF4DB6B441023B832BC7C9619C5 txid=5f1fafb0dbab *** Start #146441 /api/now/sp/rectangle/057943523bb31300bfe04d72f3efc4f0, user: test.user@test.com, impersonated by: sabareesh.vysyaraju@snc
2020-03-12 04:58:22 (105) Default-thread-2 63D76BF4DB6B441023B832BC7C9619C5 txid=5f1fafb0dbab #146441 [REST API] RESTAPIProcessor : EXTERNAL_USER_REST_ACCESS: user='test.user@test.com' api='/api/now/sp/rectangle/057943523bb31300bfe04d72f3efc4f0'
2020-03-12 04:58:22 (128) Default-thread-2 63D76BF4DB6B441023B832BC7C9619C5 txid=5f1fafb0dbab *** End #146441 /api/now/sp/rectangle/057943523bb31300bfe04d72f3efc4f0, user: test.user@test.com, impersonated by: sabareesh.vysyaraju@snc, total time: 0:00:00.034, processing time: 0:00:00.034, SQL time: 0:00:00.007 (count: 14), source: , type:rest, method:POST, api_name:now/sp, resource:now/sp/rectangle/{rectangle}, version:Default, user_id:bd16392cdb67041023b832bc7c961967, response_status:201

>Fix for the above error is, check if there is any Scripted Rest API in "sys_ws_definition" table is blocking the User and it is clearly documented that the users with snc_external role alone are restricted,


>Also check for the Store App "Service catalog Rest API" has been installed as this imports lot of scripted API and which would not allow the external users to place the request through CSM portal

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