Device Type DISK(CMDB_ci_disk) on window server. the following attributes not populated for all windows server which is discovered by ServiceNow.

  • Pattern Name: Windows OS - Servers
  • Step Name: Insert data to cmdb_ci_disk table
  • Filed not populating: "short_description"
  • Issue: No mapping found for description(short_description).

According to the Windows discovery documentation, the Description filed need to be populated, but the Pattern is not updating the same.

Release or Environment

  • London P*, Madrid P* and Newyork P*


  • Execute discovery on any of the Windows CI and observe the related links storage, the disks will not be having "Description" populated.
  • The "Windows OS - Servers" pattern has an issue in populating the description as the name of the CI attribute was not used properly.


Prior to Windows version 2012.

  • Change the "description" to "short_description" as per the CI specification in step 25.74 for Windows OS - Servers pattern.

Windows version 2012 and further.

  • Modify the step 25.42 "Get disks from MSFT_Disk" to include "FriendlyName" while querying as that contains the description and is used in further steps but it was missing in the query.

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Last Updated:2020-03-31 05:12:19