In "EUSE Virtual Agent Conversations" there is a NLU Model called "EUSE NLU for Virtual Agent" as per documentation:

However when you open the NLU in the studio, you have the option of importing Intents for any model you have available.
If you open the model "EUSE NLU for Virtual Agent" and click the Import Intents page will be blank.
As per the documentation, it should give a pop-up option where a user can select.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Navigate to Studio
2. Select >> EUSE Virtual Agent Conversations
3. Scroll down to NLU Models >> Select "EUSE NLU for Virtual Agent"
4. Click on "Import Intents"


Create ACL like:

Related Problem: PRB1386512

Seen In

OB – Machine Learning Engine v1.0 (supports New York)
OB – Machine Learning Engine v2.1 (supports Orlando)
OB – Machine Learning Engine v2.2 (supports Orlando)
OB – Machine Learning Engine v6.0 (supports Paris)
OB – Machine Learning Engine v6.1 (supports Paris)
SR - IRM - Audit Management - New York 2019 Q3
SR - IRM - GRC Profiles - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Policy and Compliance - Madrid 2019 Q2
SR - IRM - Risk Management - New York 2019 Q3

Fixed In

Orlando Patch 3

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