Custom "State" showing as value and not a label in project_status.do form.

Release or Environment

New York Patch 4


The project_status table has no dependencies but the choice list specification is dependent on the "task" table.

If there is no choice created in the task table, the project_status state being integer pushes the integer value and has no label associated with the task table.

Therefore a new choice has to be created on the task table and has to be associated with an appropriate value.


Create a new choice for the "state" in the task table following the steps.

1. Navigate to task table by entering task.do in the filter navigator.
2. Right-click on the state and click on configure choices.
3. Add the custom choice with a numeric value and place it in the selected list and save the form
Now the state should show as a label instead of an integer in the project_status.do form.

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Last Updated:2020-03-18 08:53:24