When you perform a stop operation on Brown Field VM's (VM's not provisioned through CMP), you receive th error :

com.amazonaws.services.ec2.model.AmazonEC2Exception: Invalid id: "" (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidInstanceID.Malformed; Request ID: b2b7aa0c-95cb-44c7-b80c-947bc59134f3)


We do not support LifeCycle Operations such as Start, Stop on Brown Field VM's (VM's not provisioned through CMP).


In order to perform stop operations on brownfield VM's (VM's not provisioned through CMP), follow these steps :

Note: Unpublish the resource block to make the following changes

  1. Navigate to Cloud Admin Portal > Design > Resource Blocks
  2. Click on the Virtual Server resource block
  3. Go to the Operations tab
  4. In the Operations drop-down, select the Stop operation
  5. Create an extension interface for the existing stop operation and name it appropriately.
  6. Close the virtual server resource block and open it again
  7. Choose the newly created extension interface from step 5
  8. Click on the + button which adds a new input parameter
  9. Set the name of the parameter to resourceId with mapping ${parameter.resourceId}
  10. Change the mapping of the parameter ServerID to ${parameter.resourceId} by removing the current stack expression
  11. Click on Save
  12. Navigate to Steps and change the parameter NodeID to ${parameter.resourceId}
  13. Navigate back to the input parameters and click on Generate Catalog
  14. Publish the resource block again

Additional Information

The above steps are to perform the stop operation on a brownfield VM. Similarly, we can create an extension interface for Start and Deprovision by following similar steps. 

Follow the documentation to create an extension interface: Extend Cloud Management resource blocks with an override operation

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Last Updated:2020-03-23 09:19:02