End-of-Life upgrades are intended to move instances from unsupported release families to supported and more secure versions. Most customers plan and manage their upgrades well in advance of a family becoming unsupported. However, ServiceNow schedules instances for upgrade if they remain on an unsupported version past a stated deadline.

When ServiceNow schedules your End-of-Life instances for upgrade, the initial target is set to a version at the latest available release at the time of change creation.  This normally coincides with the same version as the Patching target, for the newest version.  

Once the newest version is released, your target will be changed to this target to get you on the latest version available. 


Why are we not able to just schedule you for this version upon creation? 

  • Due to the way versions are released we are not able to select this version before it has been released. 

The target version change update will not impact: 

  • Any changes where the target version has already been modified by you (the customer) to another family or patch. 
  • The planned start date for any of the scheduled changes. 


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Last Updated:2020-03-10 10:58:32