Group Rules form views have been revamped in Vulnerability Response v10.0 release. When the existing customers who have done customisation to Group Rules forms upgrade, they will have impact UI and the upgrade might even make the form non-functional.

For the customers who have customised any UI Section files for Group rules, following steps should be taken.

Role required: admin


Steps to upgrade Group Rules UI form view

          1. Navigate to System Applications > All Available Applications > All.

          2. Find the application "Vulnerability Response" using the filter criteria and search bar.

          3. Click the menu icon ( Menu icon ) on the application tile, and then click View upgrade history.

          4. Under the Skipped Changes to Review tab, apply the filter shown in figure below to get the UI Section files which were skipped for Group rules.

             (Filter: Target name =Vulnerability Group Rule and Type =Form Layout)


           5. In the next step, revert all these UI Section files to base system. (Note: This step will remove all the customisations done on the UI sections)



           6. Verify that there no more UI Section files under Skipped Changes to Review tab with this filter (Target name =Vulnerability Group Rule and Type =Form Layout).

           7. Navigate to Vulnerability Response -> Administration -> Vulnerability Group Rules. 

           8. Click on New button.

           9. Reload the group rules view to see the changes. For a new group rule record, form view should match to the figure below.






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