To stop Notification preference  to show up on the list of Preferences , as they are not used by the users.

Like example below.

  • System notifications for Targeted Communication application not used by some customers and their users.
  • System Setting -> Notifications -> Targeted Communications.

How to remove this option from System Setting of users.

Release or Environment



It is expected that any system notification that is enabled will show up on the Notification Preference list of the user.


To stop them appearing on the Notification Preference list,

Please DISABLE those notification that doesn't want to show up in the Notification preference list.,

In this example., 

Disabling(Deactivating) the below Notifications removes "Targeted Communications" Notifications from the Notification Preference list.

  1. Targeted Communication Publication
  2. Targeted Communication Send Email
  3. Publication Sample.


Additional Information

Note: The third Notification- "Publication Sample", we have to enable the "Inserted" Check-Box Option in the Notification to de-activate it.

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