There could be issues reported in the dashboard where

  • The user will be viewing the same report twice in the dashboard, even though the report is added only once. Clearing one of the reports is not clearing the report from the dashboard.
  • The user can see a dashboard name twice in the dashboard filter.


This issue can be caused due to multiple entries in the portal of the homepage and not related to the actual dashboard. This is applicable to both the above issues.

To cross-verify, check the underlying dashboard from the pa_dashboard table and check if the report is added multiple times.

If the report is present multiple times in the underlying dashboard, it should be removable from the edit dashboard by clicking on the delete report widget button.


Fix 1 >>For correcting this issue, proceed to sys_portal_page(sys_portal_page.LIST in the navigation bar) table of the instance, search for the dashboard mentioned in the issue, open the empty record. You will view duplicate entries for the report on the related list. To correct this, proceed to click the "Edit homepage" button, and remove one of the entries for the report.

Fix 2 >>Similarly, in the sys_portal_page table, you can see multiple entries for the dashboard that is reflecting multiple times in the filter. You can keep a backup and remove one of the entries and check.

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Last Updated:2020-06-04 20:16:48