Giving delegation role to a user without any roles is not working.

Steps Taken In OOB:
- Created a workflow added an approval activity, added the Approver as the "Manager of the Requestor" ( ${request.requested_for.manager} ).
- Added 2 delegates to the manager of the requestor say ' X ' &' Y '.
' X ' delegate has roles. ' Y ' delegate without any roles.
- Ordered the item and observed that the approval was not created for the delegate (Y) who doesn't have any role.
- Observed that it is an expected behavior.

Release or Environment



Approval Role is not given to the user


- The user without "approval_admin " role will not be able to get approval requests.
- After giving the "approval_admin "role to user the approval request will be created under his/her name.

Additional Information

To know about the delegate approvals & Approval roles use the below links:

Delegate approvals



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