When sending out an Email in a client template, typically from an active record opened in a browser, not all or none of the attachments get sent out.

An error can be seen in the Email logs "Maximum allowed email attachment count exceeded. (max:30). Email sent without one or more of its attachments".

This issue happens in a context where an Email client template are used that dynamically fill in the body of the new Email.

This is unexpected because the system limit set with property "" is higher than the number of files attached to the Email sent.

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The limit "" is exceeded because it is not only the number of files manually attached in the Email that counts but also all the embedded tags that point to a sys_attachment record within the Body of the Email client template.

When you take a look at the HTML source of the Email body template, you will see this kind of code: src="/" and this counts toward an attachment.




When pre-filling the templates, make sure not to include logos or other images, otherwise increase the number of total attachments with property ""

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Last Updated:2020-06-14 02:27:34