A flow may not be triggered as expected when the flow is added to an instance using an update set.  This includes the case of importing an application containing a flow.  Instead of the flow being triggered as expected, a "Flow not found" error is created in the system log.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Take two instances, Instance A and Instance B.
  2. Create an application on Instance A and create a flow in that application.
  3. Publish the flow.
  4. Create a Bitbucket account (or GitHub), then link your application to it and push a commit using Studio.
  5. From Instance B, open Studio and import the above application.
  6. Open the flow and trigger it by creating an incident (which is the trigger).

Expected behavior: The flow should be triggered.

Actual behavior: The flow is not triggered and a 'Flow not found' error is created in the sys_log.


Deactivate and then activate the flow in question. After that the flow should be triggered as expected.

Related Problem: PRB1320713

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Fixed In

London Patch 9
New York

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