• Some users are apparently not able to use the @function to tag other users from an incident. 
  • It is as if there is a role that needs to be associated to a user in order to be able to use this function.


  • The user is provided with another view while opening the incident/ticket record
  • On that view, the "Activity formatter" is placed on the "Activity Tracker" section and the journal input type fields ( comment, work notes) are placed under the "Notes" section.
  • Due to this, the journal fields in the "Notes" section are rendered as non-live form. As a feature, the @ mention functionality is available only with the live form.
  • On the other hand, when it works on another user, he is presented with a different view (for example "default" view), which has the "Notes" section which has the both the journal fields and activity formatter together and hence that provides the live form feature which in turn allows the @ mention functionality to work well.


For the affected user, it is only required to make sure he switches to the default view as shown in the screenshot below:

Additional Information

Check the product documentation of the feature: Activity formatter

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