Nodes of my instance were restarted recently. Does my instance have planned maintenance?


ServiceNow infrastructure change, or planned maintenance for OS patching.

If you receive an alert or would like to know why one or more of the cluster nodes went offline, the first place to check is the Now Support (HI) portal to see if you have any planned maintenance changes that have been executed against the instance.

If you are seeing app node restarts outside of any planned maintenance, please log a case in Now Support (HI) for Technical Support to review.


  1. Navigate to Now Support (HI)
  2. On the left select the changes module:

    By default the ACTIVE changes will be displayed.
  3. You can change the filter condition to display inactive changes and dates of your choice.

In the following example I have included the short description column with starts with condition "Scheduled maintenance"

Additional Information

This KB refers to Application server patching, so impacts JVM nodes - not database patching. App server patching does not cause any instance downtime as we restart nodes one at a time and nodes reside on different app servers, the maintenance is spread over different days so not all nodes are completed under the same patching CHG.

Database server patching is different as that will cause outages on sub production instances - please see KB0785049 - 'Service Interruption - Instance is unavailable' web page

Database server patching for production instances are completed on the standby nodes, so this does not impact the live instance. Production instances will be AHA’d to accommodate patching

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