1.Can default value be changed on the RITM Stage field?
2.Can you point me to the script/business rule actually create workflow and link it to RITM.


When catalog item is submitted, Request & RITM gets created.

  1. First, Workflow will trigger on the Request and changes the "Approval" field to Approved.
  2. Once the approval field changes to Approved, "Cascade Request Approval to Request Item" BR will trigger and it will check if the stage on the RITM is 'waiting_for_approval' or not. (line :45)
  3. if it's "waiting_for_approval", then above BR will change the RITM stage to 'Request_approved' & approval to 'Requested'
  4. Once the RITM stage changes to "Request_approved', "Start Workflow" BR will trigger and attaches the workflow on the RITM.


>>Can that default value be changed on the RITM Stage field?
   Yes, You can change it. But when you change the default value on the stage field, You need to make modifications in 'Cascade Request Approval to Request Item' BR as well to continue further process (line 45)

Note: ServiceNow do not recommend modifying OOTB scripts as it falls under customizations and when upgrade the version these customizations will be skipped and that may cause functionality breakages in the future .

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