Resource Plans not Populated on some Time Cards


This is the expected behavior in New York and is reproducible Out of the Box.
Pretend that you have a single Project with 1 Project Task under it. You have 1 Resource Plan for the main Project.
When you create a Time Card for the Project, it will populate with the Resource Plan but will not if you create a Time Card on the Project Task.

This was confirmed by our Development Team as an intentional change for the following business case:

Problem Statement: If the Project has more than one Resource Plan, then the system defaults to one of the valid Resource Plans (any of the Resource Plans associated with the respective Top Task) to the Time Card logged against any of the Project Tasks or Project. This way the actual hours get logged against some random Resource Plan.

Solution: The Resource Plan defaulting is restricted to Resource Plan directly associated with the Project Task or Project against which the Time Card is being logged. This makes sure that the actual hours get logged against the appropriate Resource Plan.

In addition to this, the Time Sheet Portal has been enhanced so that the Time Card User can select Resource Plan for the submitted Time Card if there are more than one Resource Plans are associated with the Task (directly) against which the Time Card is being logged.

This behavior is defined by these related Scripts and Methods if you wish to customize this to go back to the previous behavior:

"Populate Resource Plan" Business Rule
"ResourceActuals" Script Include
"getResourcePlanForTimeCard" Method
"getResourcePlanForTimeCardHelper" Method
"_getAllocationWithinDateRanges" Method

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