• The email wouldn't send to the "Reply to" address when clicking on "Accept, Tentative, Reject".
  • This applied to "CAB Meeting Attendee iCal event" email template. 
  • There are few email notifications are using "CAB Meeting Attendee iCal event" email template:

               "CAB board member meeting invitation", "CAB delegate meeting invitation" and "CAB Attendee meeting invitation"


  • This behavior is expected because ServiceNow does not support mail_script in the meeting email template. 
  • In the email template, the ORGANIZER:MAILTO: is set to ${from}, so it is expected behavior to send the meeting invitation responses(Accept, Tentative, Reject) to "from" email.
  • When responded for the meeting invitation email by clicking "reply-to", it will send it to "reply-to" email.
  • In this case, ${reply_to} cannot be set to the "ORGANIZER:MAILTO" because the internal implementation only supports ${from}.
  • Hardcoding the value like, will impact all the notifications which use this template, so hardcoding also not an option.


You may consider submitting this as a new feature, see Idea Management for customer enhancement requests for more information.

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Last Updated:2020-03-25 02:52:13