Using the Unified Backlog plugin, an addition to Agile Development 2.0 plugin, you have the option of adding Triage Boards to your Agile Board > Backlog. This gives you the ability to set up your own triage board by defining filter criteria and view records that are important to your product, such as problems, incident tasks, defects, or change requests. For example, you can create one triage board for defects and another for incidents.

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If you do not see the option on the Backlog tab of Agile Board to click Triage Board as illustrated below, you will need to activate the Agile Development - Unified Backlog plugin (com.snc.sdlc.agile.multi_task). Once this is complete, navigate back to your Agile Board > Backlog and you will see a link in top right of the board called Triage Board.



Once you select Triage Board you will be taken to a new page, where you can Set up your Triage Board:


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins
  2. Search for Agile Development - Unified Backlog plugin
  3. Select Install

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