Having Special characters like ê and Á in the interactive cascading filter names does not load pa dashboard in New York Patch 4 this works in New York Patch 2.

Steps to Reproduce

1> Open a dashboard.
2> Add an interactive cascading filter.
3> edit it and change the name as Área.
4> Add another filter with the name as Gerência.
5> Load the dashboard by clicking on the link to the dashboard.
You will see an error
The entity "ecirc" was referenced, but not declared.
6> Remove the special character from the second level cascading interactive filter name.
7>The dashboard still does not load with similar error of the special character.


There is no workaround for this issue.

Fixed in New York Patch 4 Hot Fix 6, New York Patch 7, and all versions of Orlando

Related Problem: PRB1378228

Seen In

SR - PAR - Performance Analytics Content Pack for Service Portal - v1.0
SR - Platform - Performance Analytics Content Pack for Guided Tours - v1.0.1

Fixed In

New York Patch 4 Hot Fix 6
New York Patch 7

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