The upgrade detail records for an upgrade may have the "Changed By Vendor" flag incorrectly set to false if there was a plugin activation on the instance prior to the upgrade dove via HI Service Catalogue and impacted by PRB1368985 in turn.

As a result, such records would show up in the 'Customizations Unchanged' related list instead of under 'Skipped Changes to Review' in the upgrade history.

Release or Environment

Any instance impacted by PRB1368985.


To understand the cause, consider a scenario where

  1. An instance was upgraded to Version1 on 1st Jan
  2. Some OOB records were modified on the instance between 1st Jan and 1st Feb.
  3. A plugin was activated on the instance on 1st Feb via HI service catalogue and the activation hit PRB1368985
  4. The instance was then upgraded to Version2 on 1st March

Now, when we look at the upgrade history for Version2,

Expected behavior would be that all the customizations done as per point 2 should show under 'Skipped Changes to Review' but actually these records would show under 'Customizations Unchanged'.

The reason for this is that when the plugin activation is impacted by PRB1368985, it creates multiple records in the Upgrade History table (sys_upgrade_history) in the form of the current ServiceNow version instead of the name of the plugin. So, the upgrade to Version2 thinks that the upgrade to Version1 happened on 1st Feb when the plugin was activated and not on 1st Jan and only the records that were updated after the last upgrade are shown under 'Skipped Changes to Review'.


If you have hit the issue on a sub-prod instance, the best way forward would be to clone over from production and create a case on HI to Technical support team for manual activation of the plugins till PRB1368985 is fixed.

If you have hit this issue on a production instance or if you cannot clone over to get the plugin manually activated, you can get the list of customized records between the last upgrade and the latest plugin activation before the current upgrade. Once you have this list, check for these records in the the 'Customizations Unchanged' list and if found, consider if you need to take any action on these skipped records as you would treat any 'Skipped Changes to Review' records.

Note: This issue does not impact the results of the files that are applied as a part of the upgrade process as such. It is just the skipped files that may be missed from being reviewed.

Additional Information

Refer KB0813418 for further information on PRB1368985

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Last Updated:2020-10-26 14:11:24