For all users set to have Multi Factor Authentication enabled, you want to know what users have already registered a device by reading the QR code at login time.

Release or Environment

Any supported release.


In order to know if a user enabled to use MFA has already scanned the MFA QR code during login, then list table named [user_multifactor_auth]. Observe that:

- This table will have an entry for a user only if the user has accessed the ServiceNow login page after MFA was set for the user.
- The column 'Validated' will have value "true" ONLY if the user already scanned the QR code. Otherwise, the value will be "false".


In the example below, user "Pepito Pepas" has already scanned the QR code since the 'Validated'  field is set to "true". In contrast, user "Abel Tuter" has visited the login page, but has not yet scanned the QR code with a phone.


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Last Updated:2020-02-19 09:09:53