Time card not populating with Resource Plan from the parent

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Resource Plans should be at the associated task level


The Resource Plan should be associated to task level and not at the parent level. This is used to work earlier but this behavior was changed in NY release

Please review:
-- (Problem): If the Project has more than one Resource Plans, then system defaults one of valid Resource Plan (any of the Resource Plan associated with respective Top Task) to Time Card logged against any of the Project Tasks or Project. This way the actual hours get logged against some random Resource Plan
-- (Solution): The Resource Plan defaulting is restricted to Resource Plan directly associated the the Project Task or Project against which the Time Card is being logged. This make sure that the actual hours get logged against appropriate Resource Plan.
* In addition to this the Time Sheet Portal has been enhanced so that the Time Card User can select Resource Plan for the submitted Time Card if there are more than one Resource Plans are associated with the Task (directly) against which the Time Card is being logged.

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Last Updated:2020-02-18 09:03:55