Updated time is not getting updated for the Outages in the Outages related list of Incident or Change request forms

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in to the instance
  2. Open any active incident record
  3. Right-click on the header and click on 'Create Outage'
  4. Fill the Outage form and click 'Submit'
  5. Notice that the Outage is added to the 'Outages' related list of the incident form
  6. Also, notice that the Created and updated times are the same for the Outage record in the related list
  7. Now open the Outage record and update it.
  8. Notice that the Updated time is not changed for the Outage record in the related list



The 'Created' and 'Updated' columns added to the related list are for the relationship table 'task_outage'. Hence, when the Outage record is updated, the updated time will not be reflected in the 'Updated' field of the 'task_outage' record.


The 'Updated' field from the outage record should be added to the list.

1. Right -click on header of any related list - > Configure -> list layout
2. Click on 'Outage' to expand and show the related fields
3. Click and add 'Updated' field - Outage.updated to the available bucket
4. Click 'Save'
5. Click on the gear icon to open personalize list slush bucket
6. Click on 'Reset to column defaults'

Result: You should now see the 'Updated' field from the Outage record in the list columns.

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Last Updated:2020-02-18 07:20:22