PA widgets keeps throwing the "java.lang.NullPointerException" error after New York upgrade. The same widgets work without any issues on a pre NewYork instance.

Release or Environment

New York or later releases


The error is appearing because an incorrect "Time Series" value is selected for these widgets. For example, indicators having the unit as %, any "Time Series" value with "sum" would be an invalid option.

In Madrid, the widget still works with an invalid selection in this field but in New York, the widget fails to load.

It should not be possible to make the invalid selection in Madrid because the option does not show up in a Madrid instance as well. Maybe if you select the Time series first and then select the indicator, you may be able to make an invalid selection but in NewYork there is an additional validation when you click on save to avoid such invalid selection.


If you have a valid selection in the Time Series field of the pa_widget records, you will not face this issue. For this, use the search option on the pa_widget record to make a valid selection and save it.

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Last Updated:2020-02-21 05:06:21