The non-admin users with delegated_developer logs in to the empty screen post clone on the target instance

The logs will show the following errors 

2020-02-04 16:11:00 (934) Presence-thread-23 8D22778DDB72C450C01B5818489619DB txid=cef37301dbf2 SEVERE *** ERROR *** Multiple entries with same key: =<application_scope> and =<application_scope>
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Multiple entries with same key: =<application_scope> and =<application_scope>

Release or Environment

Madrid and higher


1. The clone options "Preserve users and related tables" was introduced in madrid , but this feature did not work due to the defect identified on PRB1351704. However the defect was fixed and was deployed internally on 7th Feb 2020 , so any clone after this date this feature will exclude user and related tables and preserve data on the target. (note: this will also exclude data on table sys_user_role )


2. A new role is created for each permission set that is granted to a delegated developer for each application scope,

These permission sets are saved to the 'sys_scope_permission_set_role_assignment' table. Permission sets consist of 2 reference fields:

-- sys_development_permission_set - predefined development permissions

-- sys_user_role - A role is created and assigned specifically for this scope and permission set in this format: sn_dd_<APPLICATION SCOPE>_<PERMISSION SET NAME>_rc_01


3. If the option is checked during the clone . the sys_user_role will be excluded causing the references for sys_user_role broken on table 'sys_scope_permission_set_role_assignment' 


4. The broken references will cause the blank screen for the non-admin users after login into the target instance.


1. Uncheck the clone options "Preserve users and related tables" while requesting a clone, This will bring over all the roles from the source instance and not break the references.

2. If you need to preserve the users and related tables , you can follow the following KB article , following this method will not exclude data in sys_user_role table and will not cause the broken references.


Additional Information

The issue is also caused as explained in the following Knowledge article

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