As seen on the Incident form, the Email Client gives you the ability to send an email directly from an Incident record. This same option, found under 'More options' in a record header, can be added to any other table using the Email client attribute. Below, we will use the Story form and Story table as an example, which out-of-box, does not include the Email client attribute

Release or Environment

All available


Add the 'Email client' attribute with Value=true to the required table dictionary entry



  1. Navigate to the Story form
    2. Right-click header and select Configure > All (or Dictionary)
    3. On the Dictionary Entries tab, locate and open the record with [Table][is][rm_story] AND [Type][is][Collection]
    4. In the Attributes section, click NEW
    5. Add Attribute: Email client (typing Email should pop up the attribute to be selectable)
    6. Add Value: true
    7. Submit

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