Redirect to a particular screen after Function is executed successfully on new Mobile Apps.

Release or Environment

Madrid and above


In order to have the "Jump to screen" work properly, you need to supply a Success message.
It is not redirected automatically.

In the function, configure the following steps.

1. Enabled the option "Jump to screen after successful write-back action execution".

2. Set Destination screen.

3. Add Success message. e.g. "Incident has been created!".

After submitting an incident via this function, "Incident has been created!" pops up.

Clicking on the Open, it takes us to the destination screen.


If we have a business rule created on the incident table to show a message, we don't have to add the Success message.

For example:

A Before Insert Business Rule created on the incident table with the following script.

gs.addInfoMessage('Incident has been created - BR!');


After submitting the incident, we can "You have 2 messages" pops up.

Clicking on the VIEW -> OPEN("Executed with information messages"), it takes us to the destination screen. 


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