This is an expected behavior in the platform.

The mandatory * mark is not visible on records which are closed (inactive), and if the user does not have write access on the fields.

  • Write access to be restricted through ACL.
  • Field to be made mandatory using a Client Script or UI Policy.

Once the incident/problem/change record is closed, the * mandatory field is no longer visible to end user.

However, for an admin, the asterisk mark will still be visible on the mandatory fields.

You can validate the same by following the steps below:

Prerequsite :

1. Login to any OOB NY instance.
2. Search any ITIL user in the system.

Example: ITIL User

Create a new Write ACL on incident "assignment group" field.
I am using 'sys_id' of ITIL user in the below example.


answer = true;
if(gs.getUserID() == '681b365ec0a80164000fb0b05854a0cd'); {
answer = false;

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Login to any OOB NY instance.
2. Create a UI Policy on the incident table to make the assignment group mandatory.
3. Now login as admin user.
4. Open any active incident record.
5. Observe that the asterisk symbol is available for the group. (Which is already filled.)
6. Now impersonate as "ITIL User",
7. Open any incident. (Assignment Group : Database, Network, Hardware etc)
8. Observe that the assignment group is ready only and asterisk symbol is missing.

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