1. On a pivot report, the URL filter condition gets removed or altered when the hyperlink is opened as 'Right Click -> Open in a New Tab'.

2. For example: In the below screenshot of Pivot table report, The "David Loo" user has 18  change requests in the Hardware group.

3. But when we right-click on the count --> Click on "Open in New Tab", The list view shows the different count and the filter gets modified(in the below screenshot, it can bee observed that the filter with date condition has been removed)


Additional Information

  • Please be advised that we don't have the plan to extend or patch Pivot table type. As a workaround, the new Multilevel Pivot should be used as a replacement to the Pivot table.
  • Multi-level pivot table shouldn't have this problem and as well as other known issues with the old Pivot Table.

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Last Updated:2020-03-18 08:45:05