Users are unable to upload attachments from Mobile Device using the Now Mobile app in New York version. The following warning message is seen - "The file upload failed". However, if the user tries to add an attachment to the service catalog item from the native UI, they are able to do so.

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New York 


This happens because the Now mobile app follows the write ACL's configured for the table. Users must first check the record producer to see which table is specified for the record producer. Then they have to check the write ACLs configured for the table and check whether they pass it or not. To verify if they pass the ACLs, users can open a record and check whether they see the attachment icon come up or not.

For example: if the record producer is specified for the incident table, users should first navigate to the incident list and simply open a record. If the users do not see the attachment icon in the top banner, that means they do not have permission to add attachments to the record. This is the reason why they are unable to add attachments in the mobile application.


Please ensure that the user has sufficient security privileges to add attachments to the record.


To learn about security privileges, please read the following documentation on Access Control List rules

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Last Updated:2020-06-13 03:08:30