Follow these instructions to add your Android mobile branding build to your Blackberry portal. This will allow Blackberry policies to run on your custom mobile branding builds


1. Navigate to your Blackberry portal and navigate to Apps found in the left hand menu. Select the Add button found in the screenshot below:


2. Select Internal BlackBerry Dynamics app entitlements


3. The "Name" value will be your application name. The "Blackberry Dynamics entitlement ID can be found in the .apk file.  The below screenshot is a example of how the entitlement ID will be shown: com.servicenow.b2b.appname.fulfiller.mam.blackberry



4. After filling in the below fields. Select "Add"


5. Navigate to the Android Tab and under the "App source file". Select the "Add" button and select the .apk file from your file directory



6. Lastly add the application for your users 

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Last Updated:2020-11-18 01:16:30