If the Additional comments and work notes fields are collapsed to show just one field and then a template is applied on the form that is supposed to add content into the Additional Comments field, both work notes and Additional comments fields show and the show one field button stops working.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Go to any incident record.
2. Collapse the work notes and additional comments fields so that just one of the two fields shows up.
3. Create a new template and add the Additional Comments field to the template and add some test data to the field.
4. Submit the template.
5. On the incident form, apply the template.
6. You can see that both work notes and Additional comments start showing up.
7. Try to click on the Show one field button to collapse the fields again but the button is non-responsive. (expected)
8. Even if the data in the Additional Comments that were added by the template is posted using the post button, the Show one field button is still non-functional. (unexpected)


This issue is Fixed in New York.

Here is an explanation of the expected behavior.

The expected behavior is that a user should not be able to collapse the journal input fields after a template is applied. However, after the user posts the journal input, the collapse button should be enabled again to allow the user the collapses the fields.

Related Problem: PRB1328056

Seen In

New York

Fixed In

New York

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