Knowledge Base Home page "Create Article" does not use Article Template Selector and just defaults to the Standard template. However, the 'Create New' knowledge module redirects to the template selector.


  • Knowledge templates are inactive
  • Outdated version of 'Create New' knowledge module


The behavior seen from the homepage is because there are currently no active templates in your instance. 

The Create New from the knowledge homepage is working as expected in this case. When we select the 'Create New' module, this is actually what is returning unexpected results. In an out of box instance, if there are not any active templates, this module redirects us to create a new article with the default template. However, we are redirecting to the template selector, which is not expected since they are all currently inactive. This is happening because of the modules being used. An out of date module is being used, this should be disabled and the current module should be activated.

The steps to the solution are as follows:
1. Active the article templates within the instance
2. Disable the current module being used

3. Active the module used in an out of box instance:
https://<Instance name>.service-now.com/nav_to.do?uri=sys_app_module.do?sys_id=d78ed921ff4221009b20ffffffffffdf

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Last Updated:2020-02-03 03:56:13