In Service Portal, end-user can view a record on Form widget and this allows them to see the related lists at bottom of the widget. To avoid showing related lists for end-users below approach to be followed.


As an example, end users can see an incident record in form widget via 'sp' view in below URL format<sys_id of incident>&view=sp

Service portal Form widget uses 'sp' view to show the record details. Removing the related lists from this view will not show the related lists on Service portal view('sp' view).

- Open any incident record in service portal view as below in Platform<sys_id of incident>%26sysparm_view=sp
- Configure > Related lists and remove the related lists from the 'selected' area of slush bucket and save it.
- You'll now see Incident without related lists for 'Service Portal'view
- Now open the incident in the service portal and the related list are no longer visible.

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Last Updated:2020-01-30 08:08:21