• There is a OOB Release notification named "Change Coordinator Reminder - 1st/month" and one event registry record named "release.change.reminder.day_1" 
  • In "Change Coordinator Reminder - 1st/month" notification, When to send is Event is fired and Event name field is having "release.change.reminder.day_1"

Question: Can this event be changed to Record Insert or Update., and will it affect anything on this OBB Notification.

Release or Environment



ReleaseNotification Script Include was called in Scheduled jobs.

  1. This script include add release.change.reminder.day_1 or other similar events in to the event queue.
    2. When this event is triggered the notification was triggering.

    If you want it to have modified the Notification to trigger on Record Insert or Update for the Target Table., even if the events are added in the queue by the script include when it is called through Scheduled jobs., it wont trigger the Notification.

    So, the answer to the question is,  if you change the OBB notification it will not affect anything.

Additional Information

There are 3 OBB notifications likewise.,

1.) SN:Release Notification (Day 15)
2.) SN:Release Notification (Day 30)
3.) SN:Release Notification (Day 1)

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Last Updated:2020-03-06 08:18:02