Japanese or other translated language labels for choices are changed back to English after editing the form by form designer in application scope table.


Steps to Reproduce

1 - Enable the Japanese language translation plugin.

2 - Select English as the session language.

3 - Create a new table in any Application Scope.

4 - Add a column to the new table:
Type: choice
Column label: ChoiceA
Column name: u_choicea

5 - Save.

6 - Add four choices to the new column:
Language: en
Label: A

Language: ja

Language: en
Label: B

Language: ja
Label: い

7 - In the new table form, click Configure > Form Design from the context menu.

8 - Click the '+' button next to a form section.

9 - Drag and drop the Active Field from the Field List into the New Section and save.

10 - Delete the New Section and save again.

11 - Switch the session language to Japanese.

12 - Click the Choice filed to show the choice labels.


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As a workaround, use the Form Layout functionality rather than the Form Designer.

Related Problem: PRB1381967

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