Since New York,  "Validate Domains Hierarchy" can be performed  through Domain Separation Center.

Release or Environment

New york


Domain Configuration UI Page has been removed in New York and replaced with a new solution called "Domain Separation Center".


It is now possible to run Domain Validation to check for invalid domain paths, through Domain Separation Center. Here are the steps on how you can do it -

1. From left navigation bar go to "Domain Separation Center"
2. Click on "Configure Audits"
3. Find the Audit Named "Data Validation Invalid Path", from the list. Otherwise, you can use the direct link below -
4. Click on the "Active" checkbox to activate it and ensure that the Frequency is set to "Weekly"
5. Click on "Home" to go back to Domain Separation Center Homepage
6. Then, click on "Audit Schedules"
7. Click on "Audit Schedule - Weekly" and press the button "Execute Now"

This will execute all the Weekly audits immediately. However, all Audits are disabled except for the one you just enabled.

After doing so, you can go to syslog_domain table to check the error/warnings from the Audit. You can also access the Audit results from Domain Separation Center homepage (by clicking on Error / Warning boxes if there is any error or warning after running the Audit)

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Last Updated:2020-03-25 11:47:32