Customers may request specific localhost log information for transactions they have seen from within the slow transaction log module. This would be to allow them to review performance and address any issues that could be impactful


Based upon the transaction in question you will need to confirm the Application Node, Session ID and User ID for the transaction and these will all be available from within the specific record in the syslog_transaction table

Once you have this information ServiceNow provides several options to access localhost logs for the application node a user is currently logged into:

This is documented in our documentation: Use the log file browser

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to select which application node that you access when logging into a ServiceNow instance and as such you might not be able to access the specific logs you need.

If you have a requirement for a specific application node log that you cannot access then you should log a request in the HI Portal with full details on the required transaction(s) and Customer Support will be able to provide you with the required information.

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