SCCM integration incorrectly puts a Hyper-V CI into the windows server class. This is Correct for a normal Windows Server edition, that happens to be running the Hyper-V role, but not correct for the "Hyper-V Server" edition of Windows (Server Core+Hyper-V Role only)

If you use discovery this correctly identifies the CI as a Hyper-V Server (Server Core+Hyper-V Role only) and puts it into the Hyper-V class [cmdb_ci_hyper_v_server]. Details of that expected behaviour are in KB0719772

If you run SCCM integration import, it will reclassify that CI incorrectly into the Windows Server class [cmdb_ci_win_server]. When the Hyper-V CI is moved to the Windows Server class, the existing Hyper-V Instance CIs, and their relationships, will remain pointing to it.

When Discovery runs again, it will see the Hyper-V CI is missing, so will create a new Hyper-V Server CI and a new set of duplicate Hyper-V Instance CIs and relate them to the Hyper-V Server CI it recreates. That will leave a Windows Server CI that is a duplicate of the Hyper-V CI and a duplicate set of Hyper-V Instance CIs and relationships linked with it, which Discovery won't update.

Steps to Reproduce


  1. Run Discovery against a Hyper-V server, and a correct Hyper-V CI will be created or updated, plus all the Hyper-V instances and other related resources.
  2. Run SCCM load and that Hyper-V server CI is reclassified as a Windows Server.
  3. Run Discovery again, and it replaces the 'missing' Hyper-V CI with a new one, plus all the new related CIs.


  1. Run SCCM load and Hyper-V servers are created in the Windows Server class.
  2. Run Discovery and it will not match with this, and instead create a Hyper-V CI one, plus all the new related VM instances/CIs.


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SR - ITOM - Fundamentals Istanbul Jakarta Kingston r1 - v5.99.6
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